This page contains some links to a few ACME Catapult videos for your entertainment, and also many other web links that might interest you!

ACME Catapult Videos

Morton Pumpkin Festival 2020 promo: Check out the Acme Catapult interview from the Morton Pumpkin Festival Punkin Chuckin’ showcase!

DeWALT Rotomold cooler promo: Here is the 90 second promo video that The MetalWare Corp made for DeWalt coolers. It was seriously hot that day in the gravel pit, but we had some great tosses and got some wonderful footage.

Kid Rock’s American Badass Grill: Here is the 40 second promo video that Bluewater Media made for Kid Rock’s American Badass Grill. We went deep into private property in Alabama to shoot this footage and it turned out great!

Tundra Cell Phone video: Here is the Motorola Tundra Cell Phone video. It was soooo cold that day, but we had fun strapping the phone to watermelons and hurling them into a cornfield.

Compilation Video: This is a three minute video I put together to highlight some of the events we have participated in. Hurling pumpkins for distance and targets, and throwing old appliances, etc. Hope you enjoy it!

Belgium Punkin Chuckin Contest: Here is a slide show of Bob and I at the Bikschote, Belgium Punkin Chuckin contest on Sept. 5th, 2010. It was a great experience and our European counterpart, ACME Catapult Europe won the event that day with a throw over 2100 feet! Pascal and his team have an amazing catapult.

Champaign-Urbana Punkin Chuckin Event: Wolfram|Alpha Explores the Science of Punkin’ Chuckin’.  This is a great video done by one of the event sponsors, Wolfram/Alpha. The event was hosted by the Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation to raise money for their school system. It shows us hurling some of the 25 “sponsored” pumpkins at the city bus 900 feet away. We hit it dead on twice during the event, in spite of the gusting wind.

Morton Punkin Chuckin Music Video by Jina B:

Country Pumpkin Bash at Red Ridge Riding Stable:

Nekoosa WI Appliance Toss:

2005 Morton Illinois Punkin Chuckin Contest: ACME Catapult tosses appliances for the crowd at the 2005 Morton Illinois Punkin Chuckin Contest.

The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno: Featuring the Acme Catapult disguised as the Sears Catapult Team.  Tossing out your old appliances!

ABC TV show “My Kind of Town”:  Behind the scenes with ACME Catapult during the taping of the dryer toss for the ABC TV show “My Kind of Town”.

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