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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2012

We are home from our trip to Delaware for the 2012 WCPC contest. We were dissapointed to finish 4th out of ten machines in the unlimited catapult division, but we had a great time. Pascal and Ben were able to make it over from Belgium to be a part of our team. We got to see a lot of old friends, including Bob Carbo and the Onager team as well as some of the Fibanicci Team from Boston. Made many new friends as well. Thanks to Red (skypult) for the use of your welder. Also thanks again to all our sponsors and to Greg for the use of his big truck.

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2012 ACME Trip to Delaware Planned

We have put together our plans and are getting ready for our fourth trip to the WCPC contest in Delaware the first weekend in November, 2012. We are super excited as our international team members Pascal and Ben will be joining us all the way from Belgium!

We want to thank the sponsors who made the trip possible…


Our special thanks to John Ackerman for some awesome hurling pumpkins and to Greg Gillan for the use of his truck!


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We did lots of R&D all summer long, throwing frozen watermelons. It was a fruitful endevor.

We had a great day of hurling at the Faith Evangelical Bible Church in Valparaiso, Indiana. Thanks to Darel Walker for putting that event together and to Heinhold and Feller Tire for their sponsorship.

We were looking forward to Morton’s Contest on October 20th, but it was canceled due to the muddy conditions. It was sad not to have a home field contest this year.

Events for 2012

ACME Catapult will be appearing in the September 1st Melon Propellin Conteat at Lake in the Hills again this fall. This is a great event and is part of the Summer Sunset Festival. Come watch us lob watermelonsd at the water tower 1200 feet away!!

We will participate in the 2012 Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade on Saturday September 15th. This is a wonderful family event and we have a blast sharing candy withn the billions (OK, maybe not that many) of kids along the route.

Our home field contest is October 20th and 21st this October at the same location. The corner of Springfield Rd and Allentown Rd. Rumor has it that there may be new out of state teams coming this year. This will be our first real opportunity to hurl for a new record. Come out and cheer us on.

ACME Catapult 2012 – The Road to Delaware

The ACME Catapult Team has been working all spring and summer desiging and testing new sling designs. We have found new power and speed and have hurled many bowling balls and frozen watermelons clear across the corn field. We have been fortunate to get into the open field at the WCPC contest in Delaware on November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2012. We are looking for fun loving company sponsors to help us cover the expenses (mainly fuel) for the 1900 mile round trip journey to the east coast. Sponsors would receive exposure at any event we attended during the year.

Here is a link to a three minute video of the ACME catapult in action. For more videos, go to our links page.

Trip to Belgium for European Punkin Chuckin

Bob and I are back from our trip to Bikschote, Belgium to visit the European Punkin Chucking contest held September 5th. We and our wives were the guests of Pascal and his wife Veerle. They and their three sons were very gracious and friendly hosts. We had never meet in person prior to our venture into their homeland.

The contest was fantastic and Pascal’s machine, ACME Catapult Europe, was the overall winner and new record holder with a hurl of 726 meters (2381 ft)!!! We have decided to form the first multi-country Punkin Chuckin Team: ACME Catapult International. The Onager Team from North Carolina was second with a toss of 648 meters (2125 ft)…great job by Capt. Bob Carbo and his crew.

Pascal’s friend Franklin Kinget and the Ypes Team were a close third at 625.3 meters (2051 ft) with their mighty Excaliber “whipper” style trebuchet. This machine is a wonder to watch, very smooth and powerful.

Belgium is a fantastic county with much to see and very friendly people. We were able to visit several cities, including Brugge, Ieper, Ghent, and Nieuwpoort. We had many excellent meals and made several new friends.

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