The ACME Catapult Team would like nothing better than to come to your town and hurl pumpkins, toss appliances or throw …….. whatever. Due to fuel costs and time constraints, we are normally limited to the Midwestern states, but hey, we are open to hearing all proposals.

We have the capability to throw light (8 to 12 pound) objects great distances, or heavy (150 to 200 pounds) short distances but high into the air. We have hurled such things as pumpkins, watermelons, bowling balls, and chunks of ice. We have tossed appliances including stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators, and have thrown a pink toilet, a lazy-boy recliner, and a riding lawn tractor. We even managed to hit an old Ford pick-up truck with a stove … but it took a few tries!


The catapult must be configured differently depending on what we are going to hurl, so it is better to throw all heavy objects or all light objects.  Or to have a sufficient break in between for reconfiguration of the machine. The ACME Catapult is fully licensed and tow-able. We have pulled it as far as Millsboro, Delaware and back, and also Hollywood, California. It is powered with many coil springs and we use dependable hydraulics to reset and trigger the catapult. Safety is important to us, so we have redundant safety devices in place and require all spectators to stand clear during a launch.

Have an idea for some objects we can hurl? Have an event or promotional idea? We would love to hear from you!

We can be reached via snail-mail at the following address:

ACME Catapult, LLC
28536 Allentown Road
Tremont, Illinois 61568

We can also be reached by telephone:

Doug D: 309-712-2278
Bob K: 309-202-0676

Or you can send us an email by clicking here!