ACME Catapult featured as part of the NEW American Badass Grill Promo with Kid Rock !!!

We were so stoked to be included in the early promo filming for the New ALL American Made BADASS GRILL.  The secret location in rural Alabama was a perfect spot to show off our catapults ability to hurl most anything, including 25 + pound grills high enough for Kid Rock and crew to riddle them with buckshot!  Check out the short promo video…

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The Acme Catapult is the tandem axle monster pumpkin catapult machine capable of hurling refrigerators and lawn tractors high into the air, or throwing a ten-pound pumpkin over 2,000 feet! The ACME Catapult has been seen on national television hurling large appliances on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and also throwing lawn equipment high into the air on ABC’s “My Kind of Town”.  You may have also seen the Acme Catapult tossing pumpkins on the TLC Special “Punkin Chunkin”, which was filmed at the 2002 World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition in Delaware.

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ACME Catapult hurls hot COOLERS for DeWalt in July!!!

Thank goodness for sunscreen as we spent a hot, hot day hurling the new DeWalt coolers in an abandoned gravel pit.  We threw all four sizes and these super tuff coolers survived all the abuse we gave them. We love the video they took with a camera attached to the cooler as it plummets through the air and lands 200 yards down range.

Getting an early start.

More shade please!!!

Set up and ready to go.

The DeWalt Cooler Family

Ready to fly…check out the videos!